Top 5 Full Body Dumbbell Exercises to Start Now!

Top 5 Full Body Dumbbell Exercises to Start Now!

When you workout, you want to maximize your efforts and minimize your time, right? You’ll want to get these exercises started right now to get that full-body blast that you’ve been looking for! These dumbbell exercises are great to do on their own or can be added in to your regular workout routine.

I incorporate these exercises regularly into my routine and they always leave me feeling out of breath and winded, but in the greatest way. All of these exercises require large muscle recruitment, meaning it takes a lot of muscle groups to perform each one, hence full-body exercises! Allow me to explain further…


Upper Left:  Thrusters – start with dumbbells rested on shoulders, squat down and back up, press dumbbells overhead

Upper Right: Deadlift – keep shoulders back, squeeze lower back to keep spine straight throughout movement, engage glutes, hamstrings and back as you lower the dumbbells towards your feet, keeping the weights as close to your legs as possible

Middle: Power Burpees – start with weights on the ground, in a squatted position, brace yourself on weights, jump backward, jump back up towards hands as you keep your core engaged, lift weights up and press overhead

Lower Left: Jack Press – like a jumping jack, only with weights in your hands. Start with weights on shoulders and feet together, jump out and press weights overhead, then jump back in and lower weights in a controlled pattern

Lower Right: Renegade Rows – brace yourself on weights directly below shoulders, keep core engaged, row one arm straight back and hold your weight with opposite hand, lower arm back down and alternate sides

Keep in mind:

  • Keep your core engaged in each of these exercises.
  • Always maintain a good breathing pattern; never hold your breath!
  • Use a weight that you are comfortable with as you learn these movements. Feel free to challenge yourself as you become more familiar with each exercise.
  • Each exercise will engage the major muscle groups of the legs, arms, shoulders, back and core.
  • Try doing these in a circuit or as an addition to your current workout routine.
  • These movements would be great when incorporated as active rest for your weight lifting routine. They each increase the heart rate while challenging your muscular strength and endurance.

Now go give it a try! 🙂

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