Simple Circuit Ideas

Simple Circuit Ideas


Y’all, exercise doesn’t have to be extravagant to be effective and I always say, “something is better than nothing.” If you are looking for something quick and effective that you can do in your home with little to no equipment, keep reading! Putting together a circuit of exercise can be very simple but sometimes we over-complicate making the perfect workout to do. If you’re sweating, getting your heart rate up or breathing heavy, then you can consider it a success! The real key to long-term results lies in consistent effort.


Circuit Exercises:

Mountain Climbers

Squat Jacks


Plank (variations: knee-ins, elbow taps, shoulder taps, etc.)


Air Squats

Lunges (variations: jumping lunges, pulsing lunges, walking lunges, elevated lunges, side lunges, etc.)

Jumping Jacks

Dips (on chair or bench)

Bear crawl

Bicycle Crunch

Flutter Kicks

Oblique Crunch



My suggestion is to choose 6-8 exercises from above and set a certain number of repetitions to do or a set amount of time to do each exercise. Then, do 4-6 rounds of that circuit. Record the workout, how long it took you to do and level of difficulty for you. That way you can go back and look at it at a later time, maybe give it another shot and track the progress that you’ve made!

Happy circuiting! Let me know how it goes 🙂



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